The Benefits of EDI Consulting

Obtaining EDI consulting for your business gets you consulting services for one of the newest and greatest technologies available to businesses. For businesses new to EDI and even businesses that have begun implementing EDI technology, a consultant can help immensely in getting an EDI system setup and helping to choose the correct system for the business. EDI technologies are fairly new so some businesses are not even sure where to begin.

What is EDI and what does it do?

EDI stands for electronic data interchange. Essentially, EDI technology reduces the reliance on paper-based mail and fax machines by making these things more computer oriented. Instead of sending a fax with a fax machine, a person would send the document virtually using the EDI server. The person receiving the fax, can receive it traditionally, or through their own EDI server.

This flexibility also extends to virtual purchase order systems as well. Instead of manually filling out and mailing a purchase order then waiting for your order and having to verify the accuracy of the order, the process of replenishing inventory becomes automated. Your EDI system works with your POS system to know when an order needs to be placed and what should be put on the order and sends the request electronically to the company. If the company has an EDI system, the order may even go through automatically; if they do not, they receive a fax that is clean and much easier to read than a standard, mailed or faxed, purchase order.

EDI Consulting: What can it do for me?

Simply put, getting a consultant to help with your EDI implementation will make sure that you purchase the right product and get the maximum benefit out of your EDI technology. There are various EDI solutions available and while many strive to be compatible with all other technologies, some have strengths and weaknesses. A consultant will help match EDI services with the existing business and find places where an EDI system can help that the end-user may not think of. A consultant will help maximise the communication between POS systems and the EDI technology or suggest a POS system that has the EDI technology built in.

Implementing the EDI system is where a consultant really earns their keep though. The typical system has various components that all must be integrated as well as EDI software setup on the company’s server system. Between all of these integral parts, making them work together has the potential to be a challenge to someone that is not familiar with the technology.

Finally, a consultant will be able to come in and help the users get up to speed with all the facets of the EDI systems. Many consultants for EDI are excellent at training people as well as implementing the technology. For many companies, this training element is one of the most important; helping employees that created the old systems or are simply concerned about using technology get up to speed with the new systems.