Some Environmental Consultant Career Facts

Environmental consultants are types of compliance consultants. An environmental consultant ensures that his or her client adequately complies with the apropos environmental regulations.

There are a lot of different kinds of environmental consultants, but the two primary groups are those who get into the field from the environmentalist side of the spectrum and those who become consultants from the industry side of the spectrum.

No matter which side of the equation they represent, they have been achieving rather remarkable market penetration in all government programs as well as major industries. And many assume multiple roles. The often act as analysts as well as problem solvers vis-à-vis environmental management.

On a commercial basis, an environmental consultant is employed as an expert adviser who must deal with such extremely challenging issues as:

• Chemical cleanups

• Water contamination

• Emissions issues

• Industrial site rehabilitation

• Recycling

• Landfills

• Waste management

• Storm water runoff

• Mining projects

• Endangered species

• Wildlife habitats

• Development issues

Most of the public’s conception of what environmental consultancies do is based on situations such as undoing the damage from the past and remediation. However, being in compliance has become a fundamental consideration of virtually every proposed land related project.

In most cases related studies will be mandated by law. However, even if they are not required it’s now recognized that conducting them is a wise practice within the construction industry. That’s because such analysis can identify a lot of issues that could become rather large problems for the residents, the developers, and the local wildlife – before they happen.

So, if a major residential development is being planned, the developers will need to adopt some sort of management plan that puts environmental safeguards in place prior to the beginning of construction.

Environmental consultants generally work during regular business hours. However, a lot of analysis and site work is often required in order for them to adequately perform their jobs. Such research and analysis could make it necessary for them to work a considerable amount of extra hours.

In addition, they will have to work within the confines of the various contract schedules that are part and parcel of the project.

Their salaries will vary. It will depend on a number of factors including their specialty, the nature of their contract or their employment, as well as the nature of their work and the responsibilities that are entailed.

Their specialties could include areas such as geology, hydrology, zoology, and other advanced areas of natural science. Their career tracks can be rather complex. However, in this area, environmental consultants are often highly motivated senior scientists.

The median range income for an environmental consultant in an unspecified role is fifty thousand dollars per year but it may be considerably higher or lower, depending on the aforementioned variables.

High Priced Consulting – How to Do It?

Use these 5 steps to sell your consultation online. What if you discovered how easy it is to boost your income starting your own consultation program? Do you know how to make huge income spending less time starting today? Here are 5 simple steps to get you started.

Step 1 – Setup your own personality and your own unique identity.

Step 2 – Be creative in constructing your consultation program.

Step 3 – Note down the steps that you will be teaching them and include it in your copy.

Step 4 – Convey your expertise and your true story will be powerful.

Step 5 – Have some testimonials on your site to rock your sales.

The purpose of this article is to show you simple tips, tricks and tactics to get started with your own consultation program easily. Here are step by step details that you can apply quickly and easily.

Step 1 – Setup your own personality and your own unique identity.

To make your consultation business explode it is extremely important that your separate yourself from the crowd. You need to have your own unique personality and you should have your own unique skills of presenting your consultation that will help your clients tremendously. It is important to setup your unique selling proposition and tell your clients what makes you different from the rest. Creativity counts in this competitive world when you are planning to get started with your consultation program.

Step 2 – Be creative in constructing your consultation program.

While providing your consultation you can give a surprise gift to your clients such as the training manual which you ship them for free. In this training manual you give them the complete written transcript of the entire consultation that you have provided them. Providing such a valuable gift will make your client really excited and he will be willing to get inside your high-priced coaching program in future. It is important to focus on the benefits that you will provide in your consultation program.

Step 3 – Note down the steps that you will be teaching them and include it in your copy.

Give them the exact benefits that your consultation based program will provide them. You then provide them the exact steps that you will be following and teaching them in your phone-based consultation. It is important that your clients know that you are an expert in your niche.

Step 4 – Convey your expertise and your true story will be powerful.

The best way to convey your expertise is to tell your true story as to how you discovered the information that you will be providing them. Tell your true story as to how this information changed your life and helped you to solve your problem and how it can easily help to solve problems of your client. Testimonials are the key to convincing your clients easily.

Step 5 – Have some testimonials on your site to rock your sales.

Get testimonials of your happy customers whom you have consulted before and they have received tremendous results. Seeing success of your previous clients will be extremely helpful to improve your conversion rate.

Transfer of ownership of vehicle

Do you wish to transfer automobile ownership but don’t know how? Itzeazy assists in the RC transfer process.

Do you want to transfer ownership of a vehicle but don’t know how? Itzeazy helps with the RC transfer procedure. Vehicle registration transfer is required when selling or purchasing a used automobile or motorcycle. Local NOC is required in the case of inter-RTO bike ownership transfer or bike RC transfer. RTO transfer forms 28,Guest Posting 29, 30 must be signed by both the seller and the buyer. The RTO must be notified of the sale or purchase of a vehicle within 30 days. The application for vehicle ownership transfer should be made to the RTO where the vehicle is registered.

If the seller and buyer live in the same RTO area, a local NOC is necessary for the transfer of vehicle ownership. If the vendor and buyer live in the same RTO area, no local NOC is necessary.

The process and papers necessary for car ownership transfer differ from one RTO to the next. As a result, it is critical to understand the specific RTO procedure. To know more visit Itzeazy

What is Plug & Play office and its Benefits?

Know all about Plug & Play Office and find the right one for the needs of your business.

When your business grows too fast you will have to make quick changes including a change in your office space. Acquiring office space is not easy and will require you to overcome a lot of challenges. The main trick is to maintain the right balance between the money spent on the space and the area that you get in exchange for it. All of it depends on the requirements and the decision must be made keeping all the things in mind.

Let’s talk about the Area of your space and things you must remember.


The area is one of the most important things that you have to keep in mind before shifting. When running a business,Guest Posting you are not the only one who depends on the office space but it is also your employees and other people who will be affected by it. Also, apart from employees and yourself, the most important people you have to think about is your customers. The locality also decides the access to amenities and other basic facilities. Find a good plug and play office near your area of requirement and enjoy the benefits of moving in and getting an office space ready.

Benefits of Plug & Play Office

Plug & Play office is the new trending office that supports the new idea of supporting co-working spaces. Startups find it a hard time to mount up all the technical and non-technical resources with all the maintenance costs. These are ready to move into offices with all the facilities where you can shift immediately with your team and start working. All the basic facilities will be available at your office and this will make it easier to start.

Some accessibility includes mobility to centre the office in a prime area, multitasking ability, flexibility to operate. This is a great idea for young entrepreneurs as this area is affordable and allows various kinds of technically advanced options.

The lease is also made on a custom basis and can be made according to the requirements of the customer. With ample space and proper utilization of all the technical equipment, this is a great capital to invest in.

With all these benefits a plug and play office is best for startups who are working to get more reach and need a place to start their business urgently.

Extreme Performance 9.5M ASIS PRO. Boat for Adventure Experts in French Polynesia

ASIS Boat is an advanced maritime solution provider. We turn ideas into reality, providing you with a solution to your most complex issues.

Extreme Performance 9.5M ASIS PRO. Boat for Adventure Experts in French Polynesia

ASIS Boats has just completed the delivery of an ASIS 9.5m RHIB to the Tahiti Exclusive Expeditions company,Guest Posting the only Tahiti-based company that offers private luxury yachts and superyachts in French Polynesia.

The new 9.5m RHIB will be used as their new versatile adventure custom RIB Boat.

This 9.5m Adventure Boat comes with the exclusive ASIS Air Hull®, a deep V shaped GRP light weight composite reinforced reverse chine hull, guaranteeing unparalleled performance, outstanding handling and the most comfortable ride.

Certified to transport up to 15 passengers, this Rigid Inflatable Boat can be used as tour boat discovering the island’s hidden gem. Also being equipped with a skiing point and an integrated foldable ladder and platform, it can be used for all kinds of water sports activities.

Moreover, a dive bottle rack for 8 bottles has been installed, making it the perfect boat for diving.

Optional Accessories added to the RHIB

Tow post
Customized HD extended T-Top
S.S. Tube ladder
S.S. HD A-frame with skiing point & integrated foldable ladder and platform
U Bench seat at bow that transform into a day bed
S.S. Leaning post with back rest double for navigator and crew
S.S. Bench seat (removable) with GRP storage box under seat for 3 to 4 pax
An Aft Bench seat for 3 to 4 pax

This ASIS versatile RIB Boat has a stainless-steel built-in fuel tank with the capacity of 2x225L and is powered by twin Mercury Mariner 4 Stroke F250 Hp V8 engines allowing the RHIB to reach a top speed of 48 knots.

Ocean Craft Marine & Nautical Ventures team up for Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show 2021

Interested Viewers Are Invited To Come See And Learn More On The OCM Amp Rigid Hull Inflatable 4×4 Amphibious Boat At Booth #1095 At Bahia Mar From October 27-31.

As one of the largest in-water presence of boats and marine exhibits,Guest Posting the Ft. Lauderdale International Boat Show (FLIBS) remains one of the largest in the world.

This year, Ocean Craft Marine (OCM) and the South Florida Dealer Nautical Ventures Group, will be featuring the latest OCM Amp Rigid Hull Inflatable 4×4 Amphibious Boat, in addition to the professional grade line of recreational tenders.

Ocean Craft Marine has long upheld its reputation in professional circles as a leader in building high-quality, purpose-built boats that support the critical missions of military and first responders. The Annapolis, MD-based company is planning on taking a similar approach with its recreational line.

“This marks the beginning of a new era for Ocean Craft Marine in the Recreational segment,” said Todd Salus, Ocean Craft Marine’s Vice President. “The Rigid Hull Inflatable Boat market is finally heating up in the U.S. and we want our name to be on the lips of anyone who desires the strength, durability and performance of a professional quality boat with high-end luxury accoutrements backed by outstanding customer support.”

The Nautical Ventures Group is Ocean Craft Marine’s leading dealer for OCM Amp, comprising only one of three such amphibious crafts on the market today. With sizes ranging from 7.1 to 11.2 meters (24 to 38 ft), the amphibious system is built with performance, efficiency and comfort in mind. Featuring an industry-leading four-wheel drive, the amphibious has become the ideal vessel for both recreational and professional boat enthusiasts, looking to minimize trailer launch difficulties, access ease of entry to typically inaccessible areas of operation, enact fast deployment responses, amongst various other advantages – making it one of the most versatile boats in its field.

“Sales of the OCM Amp have really taken off in the last year and we’re proud to be one of the only dealers in the country to have this unique boat in our inventory, “said Roger Moore, President of Nautical Ventures Group. “We are grateful for Ocean Craft Marine’s support as we show off this unique vessel to people from all over the world at FLIBs.

”Ocean Craft Marine’s passion is to help Professional and Recreational boaters alike successfully accomplish their individual boating missions by providing the safest, highest quality, purpose-built Rigid-Hull Inflatable boats in the world, and to support them throughout the entire ownership life-cycle.

What Makes Joining Syndications So Popular for Dentist Retirement Planning?

Continue reading the article to determine the advantages of participating in property syndication for dentist retirement planning.

Although,Guest Posting retiring from the job is a normal episode for commoners working for various establishments – professionals including healthcare practitioners, lawyers, management consultants don’t have any definite time for getting retirement from their fields. Apparently, for them, the time of retiring is determined on the basis of their popularity in the industry, physical wellbeing, and various other factors that come down the line that let them consider availing a retirement from the field. Keeping it seriously in mind, dentist retirement planning should be a central consideration once you reach your 40’s or even earlier.

Once we have seen investors prefer investing in stocks or bonds, while often they ignored the real estate sector. However, with the shifting dynamics of the times, investment in properties has been proved to be among the best ways to build wealth. Being beyond an inflation-hedged asset group, real estate offers lots of appealing advantages in terms of risk factors, performance, tax advantages, and others.

However, when it comes to real estate investment – time, knowledge about the marketplace, and having thorough research about the properties before investing in them is the most vital requirements for investors. And, that becomes a major concerning factor for professionals involved in dental care services who remain busy almost throughout the year with their practices, studies, further researches, attending medical conferences, etc. Not surprisingly, the majority of them don’t have any clear knowledge about the erratic real estate sector.

So, being a prosperous dentist, if you’re looking for a way out to invest in properties as a passive investor, your answer is real estate syndication designed for dentist retirement planning. Sounds interesting! Great! Continue reading the article to know about the increasingly popular model and its advantages.

What is Real Estate Syndication?

Real estate syndication is a joint venture of a cluster of investors to order to pool their funds together for investing in large-scale real estate projects, which they just can’t pay for or manage on themselves. Basically, it’s a real estate model where an experienced syndicator takes the full responsibility to identify rich investment opportunities, pool the investors, and let investors know about different opportunities open for investors cum shareholders, hire a property manager and manage the property.

On the other hand, the investors provide funding for the project, attend time to time conferences organized by the syndicator to convey the performance status of different property projects, and continue to earn a certain percentage of its profits according to the predetermined and mutually agreed upon rate. As a shareholder, joining property syndication offers you a win-win platform for both syndicate and investors.

Advantages of Joining Syndication

Access to Lucrative Investment Opportunities

Rather than putting your money in small-scale properties on your own and taking the unwanted risk of your ignorance about the market, challenges to a time limit to administer them – investing in more profitable large-scale property partnership projects through syndication chiefly for dentist retirement planning can be more rewarding for wealth buildup. It offers you access to money-spinning investment scopes and enables you to earn recurrently without putting in your effort or time.

Risk Reduction

A longstanding property investment strategy is – to avoid putting all eggs in any particular container. An ideal portfolio is one that contains investments in a range of properties without having a co-relation because in case, anyone performs poorly, it will not affect the others so with minimal investment in multiple projects via syndication, it helps you keep your profit sharing ratio relatively same. Secondly, the property market virtually has no link to the public market conditions and remains unaffected by any social, political, or economic crisis. Therefore, investment in syndication enables you to build a richly diversified portfolio that maximizes your ROI while minimizing risks.

Passive Investment with Tax Advantage

Investment in syndication has gained high popularity for dentist retirement planning because as you invest through a reputable syndicate, all its operations from identifying opportunities, negotiating and acquisition, gathering funds, and managing the property are handled by the syndicator while you can peacefully devote your full time in practice. Being not actively involved in its activities, you earn passive income that gets eligibility to tax advantages by the IRS rule.

What Are Legal Nurse Consultants?

Legal nurse consulting is the evaluation and analysis of facts and the rendering of informed opinions related to the delivery of healthcare services and outcomes. With a strong foundation based on education and experience, the LNC is qualified to assess adherence to standards and guidelines of nursing practice. LNCs can be successfully used in litigation other than medical malpractice, such as personal injury, toxic tort, product liability, criminal, will disputes, and matrimonial cases.

The LNC is a licensed registered nurse. He or she performs a critical analysis of clinical and administrative practice, healthcare facts and issues, and their outcomes. Services are provided to the legal profession, healthcare professions, consumers of healthcare and legal services, and others as appropriate. The LNC’s services are rooted in his or her expertise as a nurse. The American Association of Legal Nurse Consultants (AALNC) has defined legal nurse consulting as a specialty practice of the nursing profession, a position endorsed by the American Nurses Association in 2006.

Nurses providing legal nurse consulting can be found as employees in many settings, including in the plaintiff or defense firm, the risk manager’s office, federal and state agencies, and the insurance companies. An equal number of LNCs are self-employed (called “independents”) and provide services to clients on both sides of the bar.

LNCs are not paralegals
Some role confusion exists regarding the differences in preparation and functions of a paralegal versus a LNC. By definition, paralegals and legal assistants are qualified by education, training, or work experience to perform specifically delegated substantive legal work for which a lawyer is responsible. Some legal education is typically a requirement for paralegals. Paralegals learn about general law, legal research, torts, legal writing, civil litigation, and technical litigation support. A simple explanation is that the paralegal has some education about law, and the LNC is a nurse who has developed expertise in assisting attorneys with medical issues.

Although many LNCs have acquired knowledge of the legal system through such experiences as consulting with attorneys and attending seminars, legal education is not a prerequisite for the independent practice of legal nurse consulting. Professional nursing education and healthcare experience make LNCs unique and valuable partners in legal processes.

LNCs are not usually nurse paralegals
Many attorneys, unfamiliar with the term legal nurse consultant or its abbreviation, LNC, may refer to the nurse as a “nurse paralegal”. Unless the nurse has taken a paralegal program, this term is incorrect. The correct use of the term refers to a nurse paralegal is a paralegal who is also a nurse. In contrast, a legal nurse consultant is a registered nurse who consults on healthcare issues within the legal arena. Confusion about roles arises also because in some settings legal nurse consultants perform some of the same work that legal assistants and paralegals do, particularly in small law offices.

While LNCs may acquire knowledge about legal documents, such as complaints, interrogatories, requests for production, and the like, most LNCs have no legal training and are not frequently used to draft legal documents. Their focus does not include wills, real estate transactions, and other areas of non-healthcare-related law which is a typical part of paralegal education. These tasks do not make the best use of the legal nurse consultant’s skills.

Legal education programs offered for nurses by legal assistant or paralegal education programs also cause confusion about roles. To the extent that legal education is provided to nurses by legal assistant or paralegal education programs, it should be considered separate from the education of paralegals and legal assistants because of the differences in their practice in the legal arena. AALNC’s position, therefore, is that LNC education should be developed and presented as specialty nursing curricula by nurse educators in partnership with legal educators.

How to Start Your Own Consulting Business

In these recessionary times consultancy can be an ideal way forward for the newly unemployed professional. Like everything else at the moment, it can be challenging to make a success of a consulting business, so you need to set your consultancy up properly. Here are some suggested steps.

Research: First of all you need to decide what kind of consulting you want to offer and to whom. Try and find a niche that people will really need. Mine is international bid management and you will find my name all over the internet with respect to this niche. Once you have decided what you want to offer, you need to make sure that you know everything there is about the subject, even if that means buying books and getting more training. Just remember not to pass other people’s work off as your own. You should also brush up on your word processing and PowerPoint skills – these are key skills for a busy consultant.

Preparation: Start writing articles on the subject to get your name out. Prepare a press release announcing this great service you are now offering – remember it needs to have a story attached. Prepare all your business templates – for example if you are providing business consulting you will need a Cost Benefit Analysis, Feasibility Study and SWOT analysis at least. You should prepare one or two presentations to introduce your company and some training materials to offer your clients. Lastly you should prepare yourself, get at least two good business suits, a good business bag and lap top as well as quality stationary. You need to look expensive and successful if you wish to charge for your services. You might also consider packaging your services to make them less formidable to potential customers as some companies are scared of employing consultants on an open ended basis.

Launch: You now need to launch your consultancy. You can do this with one of more of the following:

o Answer ITT’s (Invitation to Tender) in your chosen areas.
o Network like crazy.
o Advertise and market like crazy.
o Contact past and potential clients and ask for the opportunity to make a presentation.
o Contact companies that may need your particular skills and offer them an introductory service.
o Provide free seminars on a subject with the object of signing on customers for paid consultancy.

Proposal: Once you have a potential customer prepare a consultancy proposal that will outline:

o What you consider their business problem is.
o What your company can do to solve the problem.
o The amount of work this will involve.
o The cost of this work.
o What advantages there are working with your company.
o Your terms and references.

Ensure that you do not make your proposal so detailed that your customer will not need your services!

If if is possible give your presentation by using PowerPoint, in front of your clients – this builds client interaction and allows you to demonstrate your consultancy skill.

Consultancy: Once interest has been shown in hiring your consultancy, make your replies prompt, informative and polite. Remember you will need to fall in with your client’s time scales. Never make promises you can’t keep and always be professional and unflappable. Remember that consultants are measured and paid on deliverables so try and give your client something tangible early on with something substantial at the end of the consultancy. Obviously you also need to solve the business problem you were hired to solve!

How To Become an Image Consultant

It is unrealistic to believe that because you can cook at home, you could open a Michelin star restaurant which would make you rich. The same applies to becoming an image consultant. With any job or career it is unrealistic to believe that you can be successful at it without either training or experience, or ideally a combination of both in the area of image consultancy expertise.

Many women think that simply an eye for style, compliments on their own style or a love of fashion will help them to become an image consultant, but you need far more than this because it would be unrealistic to ask anyone to pay you for your ‘expertise’ when you know as much as every other woman who shops on the high-street and reads fashion magazines. Many women already understand how to dress and know about the latest trends off the catwalk to look out for, and some are even very good at helping their friends and family pick out new outfits – these people are all definitely good contenders. But in order to take your styling skills to the next level, it is essential to attend a course or training session, as this will not only teach you the image consultancy skills you need for the job, but will also train you how to run a successful personal styling business.

Once you have your training you can start to begin to trade in their own business by offering your services for a small fee or for free in order to build a reputation for yourself. However if you are confident enough after your training course, you will hopefully be ready to start charging for image consultancy services you provide.

I find that attending a training course is the quickest and most thorough way to become an image consultant as opposed to gaining expertise through experience alone. However many women who want to train, are not willing to invest the money or time as they think they know enough about clothing and style to get them started but this is a very common misconception.

When you have training under your belt you will know how to style different body shapes and how to identify those body shapes. You will understand how to use the high-street and fashion designers to make your client look younger and slimmer, and you will also be able to identify what it is about their existing wardrobe that is not working for them and enable them to get more price per wear from what they already have. More importantly you will learn the proven processes on how to deliver image consultancy services that you will get paid for such as wardrobe consultations, image consultations and personal shopping – and it is these proven methods that will ensure you are a success. Far better to use proven methods than to use a method of trial and error on paying clients, where you may make mistakes and end up with a bad reputation whilst other image consultants who have been trained are getting all the business.

In order to become an image consultant successfully a training course is definitely the way to go in my opinion as in short space of time, you learn from an image expert and also learn from their experience, giving you the benefits of not making the same mistakes that they did when they started out. Nicola Cupples is the Founder of My Style Companion Training Academy for people who want to train to become an image consultant.