How To Become an Image Consultant

It is unrealistic to believe that because you can cook at home, you could open a Michelin star restaurant which would make you rich. The same applies to becoming an image consultant. With any job or career it is unrealistic to believe that you can be successful at it without either training or experience, or ideally a combination of both in the area of image consultancy expertise.

Many women think that simply an eye for style, compliments on their own style or a love of fashion will help them to become an image consultant, but you need far more than this because it would be unrealistic to ask anyone to pay you for your ‘expertise’ when you know as much as every other woman who shops on the high-street and reads fashion magazines. Many women already understand how to dress and know about the latest trends off the catwalk to look out for, and some are even very good at helping their friends and family pick out new outfits – these people are all definitely good contenders. But in order to take your styling skills to the next level, it is essential to attend a course or training session, as this will not only teach you the image consultancy skills you need for the job, but will also train you how to run a successful personal styling business.

Once you have your training you can start to begin to trade in their own business by offering your services for a small fee or for free in order to build a reputation for yourself. However if you are confident enough after your training course, you will hopefully be ready to start charging for image consultancy services you provide.

I find that attending a training course is the quickest and most thorough way to become an image consultant as opposed to gaining expertise through experience alone. However many women who want to train, are not willing to invest the money or time as they think they know enough about clothing and style to get them started but this is a very common misconception.

When you have training under your belt you will know how to style different body shapes and how to identify those body shapes. You will understand how to use the high-street and fashion designers to make your client look younger and slimmer, and you will also be able to identify what it is about their existing wardrobe that is not working for them and enable them to get more price per wear from what they already have. More importantly you will learn the proven processes on how to deliver image consultancy services that you will get paid for such as wardrobe consultations, image consultations and personal shopping – and it is these proven methods that will ensure you are a success. Far better to use proven methods than to use a method of trial and error on paying clients, where you may make mistakes and end up with a bad reputation whilst other image consultants who have been trained are getting all the business.

In order to become an image consultant successfully a training course is definitely the way to go in my opinion as in short space of time, you learn from an image expert and also learn from their experience, giving you the benefits of not making the same mistakes that they did when they started out. Nicola Cupples is the Founder of My Style Companion Training Academy for people who want to train to become an image consultant.