Simplifying the mutual fund selection process – Fund of Funds Mutual Fund

Typically, the process of selecting mutual funds to invest in can be cumbersome due to the variety of options and the lack knowledge / research methods. On one end, investors preferring DIY (Do-it-yourself) can do the whole process of shortlisting mutual funds to invest depending on their personal risk profile, goal and time duration. In [...]

Evolution of ESG mutual funds in India and the parameters involved in screening

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. What is the meaning and the full form of ESG mutual fund? Let’s take look at it piecemeal. The E of ESG mutual funds “E” stands for the Environment. This means how does a company deals with the preservation and conservation of natural resources. How can it impact [...]

List of Accounting Outsourcing Companies in India

List of Accounting Outsourcing Companies in India Accounting & Bookkeeping is important part of business. Small & medium size business need to deal with accounting , audit , compliances etc. Hiring inhouse resource for bookkeeping increases overhead cost of business. Hiring fresher resource to making reduce cost make accounting difficult. Small & Medium business prefers [...]