Simplifying the mutual fund selection process – Fund of Funds Mutual Fund

Typically, the process of selecting mutual funds to invest in can be cumbersome due to the variety of options and the lack knowledge / research methods. On one end, investors preferring DIY (Do-it-yourself) can do the whole process of shortlisting mutual funds to invest depending on their personal risk profile, goal and time duration. In contrast, investors can choose to simplify the mutual fund selection process by investing in a Fund of Funds Mutual Funds in India.

Advantages of Fund of Funds

Achieve portfolio diversification: Many Fund of Funds Mutual Funds help achieve portfolio diversification by investing across assets and across varying mutual fund types and styles, thereby simplifying the process of asset allocation.

Low Minimum Investment: Investors who are low on resources or seeking minimum investment can choose to invest in such a fund. If you were to invest in different funds, it would require additional investment across each of the mutual funds chosen. Also, switching between funds would have tax implications for an investor. In contrast, the switching between funds by a fund manager for the fund of Funds Mutual Fund scheme does not bear any tax on the investor.

Ease of portfolio management: Investors just need to track one NAV and one mutual fund, thereby simplifying the portfolio management process. In short, the investor can take advantage of the fund manager’s expertise to bring changes in the portfolio construction depending on the market conditions.

Post-tax return: Fund of Funds Mutual Funds are taxed like a debt fund where the investments held over 3 years or 36 months are considered as Long Term Capital Gains. The taxation of LTCG gains is 20% with indexation benefit. Indexation adjusts the effect of inflation on long-term capital gains.

Thus, investors who are looking for risk-adjusted returns for the long-term can consider Fund of Funds Mutual Fund that simplifies the process of fund selection and provides portfolio diversification.

Evolution of ESG mutual funds in India and the parameters involved in screening

ESG stands for Environmental, Social and Governance. What is the meaning and the full form of ESG mutual fund? Let’s take look at it piecemeal.

The E of ESG mutual funds “E” stands for the Environment. This means how does a company deals with the preservation and conservation of natural resources. How can it impact the future of the company?

There are two answers to this question. One is the ‘Regulatory’ impact, that with the evolution of the competitive landscape in India, stricter controls have been set for standards of environmental conservation, climate change and pollution control. Companies have to be more environmentally conscious, not solely to maintain a strong balance sheet but to maintain the balance of nature for a better tomorrow.

The S of ESG mutual funds “S” stands for Social. When it comes to social, ESG looks into how does the company look after the health of their employees, safety and well–being. These incorporate several initiatives taken to ensure the employee health and safety, that include well designated safe zones in factories, or health checkup camps for all employees. Social concerns not just the quality of work, but also go beyond the quality of life for the employees. It includes employee benefits, gender diversity, inclusion, etc.

The S is not just about the employees. It also encompasses the treatment of minority shareholders. Does the company treat its shareholders equally? A sustainable business is one that exhibits complete parity in treatment to its minority and large stakeholders.

“S” also looks at what the company is doing for Society at large. Does the CSR budget get spent towards improving the society in which the company operates? Does it collaborate with the nearing not-for-profit foundations? Does it provide for improvement of education, healthcare and facilities for uplifting the society?

The G of ESG mutual funds “G” is for Governance. This is the base, the foundation on which the company is run. By governance standards, we do not mean mere compliance on audits and GAAP standards, but going beyond financial disclosures and implementing the best practices in action and spirit. We have seen several examples of companies who claim high governance compliance, but on closer look fail the ground reality. ESG oriented companies will have the highest standards of governance.

Corporate India will continue to face stricter adherence to regulations. Be it environmental parameters, societal impact, or financial disclosures, the Regulators are necessitating greater compliance and the penalties for those who deviate from the prerequisite standards. Standards of E, S and G are going to be the parameters on how the companies and judges and screened.

List of Accounting Outsourcing Companies in India

List of Accounting Outsourcing Companies in India

Accounting & Bookkeeping is important part of business. Small & medium size business need to deal with accounting , audit , compliances etc. Hiring inhouse resource for bookkeeping increases overhead cost of business. Hiring fresher resource to making reduce cost make accounting difficult. Small & Medium business prefers to outsource accounting & Bookkeeping services in India. By outsourcing you get access to experiences resourced to have industry and accounting knowledge. Reports prepared by accounting export helps business to take important business decision.

There are many Accounting Outsourcing Companies in India. Due to this CPA firms from USA , UK & Australia prefers Indian Accounting companies. Accounting Outsourcing Companies in India helps you to save upto 40 % on your cost of bookkeeping. In India, people can fluently speak in the English language. Most of Indian education are given in English language. Accounting outsourcing company work gives you dedicated resource for bookkeeping and do quality check of work.

List of Top Accounting Outsourcing Companies in India

1.Global Accounting Professionals

Global Accounting Professionals is one of top Accounting Outsourcing Company in India. Company is started in year 2017 and managed by CA Amit Bhutada. it has created a niche for itself in the outsourcing sector with its top-notch working systems, excellent infrastructure and ethical work practices. This company have trained resources , best infrastructure and expert team. The firm is working with advanced software tools which helps to save time and cost. Company have industry experience of E-commerce sellers , Law Firm , Traders , Transportation etc. The handle clients from USA , UK And Australia. The bookkeeping firm expertise in Xero , Zohobooks , Quickbooks , Wave , Mybooks etc.

Services covered under Outsourced Accounting are as below:

Monthly Accounting Entries
Bank Reconciliation
Statutory dues calculation and Payment
Statutory Compliances
Monthly Closing
Monthly Management Reports


KPMG is a world-renowned Accounting Firm. KPMG Accounting firm have business presence in metro cities of India. Mitigate business risks and reduce operating costs is key reasons why Large company outsource accounting to KPMG. Global presence helps KPMG to manage clients taxation , cross border transaction and year end audit.

3.Tata Consultancy Services BPO

Tata Consultancy Services is leading BPO company in India. They offer Business process outsourcing to client across global. TDS is known for use best use of technology , reliable services & brand value. They hire workforce who have accounting industry experience to give quality services.

4.WNS Global Services

WNS Global Services has its presence in several countries. With a task force of over 25,000 professionals, it boasts of a quality infrastructure that is designed to lend to its clients, cost-effective solutions. Their industry-focused outsourcing operations offer seamless services to businesses across the globe.


Accounting Outsourcing Companies in India are popular in small & medium business and CPA Firms from USA , UK & Australia. More and more firm started outsourcing bookkeeping & Payroll services to India. Bookkeeping firm in India helps to manage day to day bookkeeping in Xero , Quickbooks , Zoho , Wave etc. helping customers with the management, accounting and tax preparation needs thereby reducing their finance and accounts operating costs.

What Can a Small Business Consultant Help With?

There are many reasons why companies choose to hire a small business consultant. Some look for help with a specific area of their business and others want overall assistance and coaching to help them grow their business. Whether a company needs help growing or saving itself from becoming archaic, a consultancy firm could be the start of something wonderful.

Below are some of the things a small business consultant could help you with:


SEO, or search engine optimisation, is the act of making your website search engine friendly. Being found online puts you at a huge advantage and sometimes it’s the thing that will save you from extinction. Doing an SEO campaign can help drive traffic to your company site and give you an opportunity to market to new potential customers. A small business consultant knows how to demystify the confusing world of SEO and can help you learn how to go about analysing your site to make changes that improve the search engine friendliness.

Paid Marketing Campaigns

There are many ways to market online, including: pay per click campaigns with search engines, affiliate marketing programmes, and banner advertising campaigns as well. A consultant can help a company choose a good approach to take with respect to maximising return on investment in paid search engine marketing.

Customer Contact

A consultant can help you turn a customer list into a money making machine. A consultant can help you create a list of qualified customers. And he or she can help you to make sure that all the materials you communicate with (website, emails, newsletters, brochures, etc.) are written in a way that exemplifies your desired branding messaging strategy.

Competitive Analysis

A great way to improve your success is to find out how your competitors are doing. You can contract services that will help you carefully analyse your competition so that you can leave them in the dust in terms of rankings and market share.

Creating Marketing Materials

Some consultancy firms create marketing materials. Some will do website design, banners, and other forms of digital media. Some also do brochures, white papers, and other hard copy marketing materials that can help you launch a great marketing campaign.

Developing New Business Areas

Not only can a good small business consultant help you do what you do today more efficiently and more profitably but they can help you delve into new areas of growth and development as well.

Regardless of why you want to get help with your business, the right small business consultant can help you in many ways.

The Benefits of EDI Consulting

Obtaining EDI consulting for your business gets you consulting services for one of the newest and greatest technologies available to businesses. For businesses new to EDI and even businesses that have begun implementing EDI technology, a consultant can help immensely in getting an EDI system setup and helping to choose the correct system for the business. EDI technologies are fairly new so some businesses are not even sure where to begin.

What is EDI and what does it do?

EDI stands for electronic data interchange. Essentially, EDI technology reduces the reliance on paper-based mail and fax machines by making these things more computer oriented. Instead of sending a fax with a fax machine, a person would send the document virtually using the EDI server. The person receiving the fax, can receive it traditionally, or through their own EDI server.

This flexibility also extends to virtual purchase order systems as well. Instead of manually filling out and mailing a purchase order then waiting for your order and having to verify the accuracy of the order, the process of replenishing inventory becomes automated. Your EDI system works with your POS system to know when an order needs to be placed and what should be put on the order and sends the request electronically to the company. If the company has an EDI system, the order may even go through automatically; if they do not, they receive a fax that is clean and much easier to read than a standard, mailed or faxed, purchase order.

EDI Consulting: What can it do for me?

Simply put, getting a consultant to help with your EDI implementation will make sure that you purchase the right product and get the maximum benefit out of your EDI technology. There are various EDI solutions available and while many strive to be compatible with all other technologies, some have strengths and weaknesses. A consultant will help match EDI services with the existing business and find places where an EDI system can help that the end-user may not think of. A consultant will help maximise the communication between POS systems and the EDI technology or suggest a POS system that has the EDI technology built in.

Implementing the EDI system is where a consultant really earns their keep though. The typical system has various components that all must be integrated as well as EDI software setup on the company’s server system. Between all of these integral parts, making them work together has the potential to be a challenge to someone that is not familiar with the technology.

Finally, a consultant will be able to come in and help the users get up to speed with all the facets of the EDI systems. Many consultants for EDI are excellent at training people as well as implementing the technology. For many companies, this training element is one of the most important; helping employees that created the old systems or are simply concerned about using technology get up to speed with the new systems.

How Small Business Consulting Thrives During Recession

Businesses with smaller budgets for marketing continue to rely on small business consulting professionals for outside help. But in the face of worldwide recession, who are the clients that need small business consulting?

Let’s take a look at some of the recession-proof businesses which may need your services.

Most surveys indicate that the following small businesses continue to thrive and even experience growth during a recession:

Health services

High on the list of businesses that do well during the recession are dental health services, followed by other health professionals and health care specialists. This seems to be consistent with a market trend observed in food industries that experience an increasing demand for healthier foods and those that promote wellness. When disposable income is low, consumers tend to go back to basics, foremost of which is good health.

Accounting and Bookkeeping services

Maintaining financial records remains a necessity regardless of the business climate. All businesses, big or small, need to keep a good accounting of cash flow and revenues that constitute the lifeblood of a company.

Legal services

The role of legal professionals and paralegals is increasingly important during economic downtimes as businesses and individuals need the services of lawyers to provide legal advice, enforce contracts that may have been breached, collect unpaid obligations or draft contracts.

Financial investment services

Investors nowadays are looking for safe vehicles to invest and grow their wealth so they turn to financial advisors to help preserve wealth and create multiple passive income streams for them.

Equipment rental and leasing

Capital purchases may have been put on hold with slashed budgets but companies turn to equipment rentals and leases instead of acquiring new equipment for business.

Other services

Service professionals in the following fields also experience continuous demand and growth during the recession.

* architectural and engineering services * vocational schools * instruction services (dance, music and sports instructors, driving schools and martial arts studios) * personal care services * other professional and technical services ( veterinary services, photography services, and translation services)

Services you can provide

Many of these businesses are still offline and are seriously considering getting a website for marketing and advertising. As a business consultant, your role will be diverse: helping them get a domain name, setting up a website and getting a hosting provider, supplying content, creating sales copies, optimizing their web pages and maintaining their websites.

These are huge opportunities with lots of growth potential. There are businesses that remain profitable during the recession and one of them is small business consulting.

Writing Coach Vs Writing Consultant – Know the Differences

When I was studying my BA in Business, I thought it would be cool to be a management consultant. I could travel around, snooping, determining client problems, recommending solutions, and leaving. The client would do the boring implementation part.

When I became an adjunct/associate professor of English, teaching writing courses, my natural ways of dealing with students emerged, which involved a lot of one-on-one handholding and advising.

I’ve now decided to focus more fully on working with clients, something I’ve done over the years but rarely with much focus. However, I didn’t know the title of my services. Was I coach or a consultant?

After a bit of research, I discovered the following:

For a Coach:

1. A coach helps the client define, plan, and achieve her (or his) goals, whether relating to life goals or project goals.

2. A coach guides the client through all of the processes to achieve that goal, which often involves some or a lot of handholding: daily emails, daily to weekly phone calls, and other close contacts.

3. The coach teaches the client the steps to accomplishing the goal. And the coach has the client actually do the steps while supervised by the coach. Often the client is involved in self-discovery through this relationship. The Coach asks the right questions, prods and encourages the client to see beyond blocks, assumptions, and narrow views to new possibilities.

4. The coach works one-on-one with the client throughout the entire project. Sometimes small group gatherings are useful, but most of the work is one-on-one. The Coach can help with any part of the process but will not do the actual work.

5. A coach might work with a client for months or years, so the relationship is often a long-term one.

For a Consultant:

1. The Consultant is hired to solve a specific problem for the client.

2. The Consultant investigates the problem and determines solutions, sometimes doing the actual work, but often the client will do the work.

3. The consultant works independently, outside of the client’s workflow. When the problem is solved, the Consultant leaves.

Of course, the same person can offer both coaching and consulting services. Clients should know the differences so they can ask for the services they most need at the time. And Coaches and Consultants should know the differences so as not to confuse the clients.

Small Business Marketing Consultant Needed

A question often asked by those wanting to start a consulting business is this: “Can a newcomer become a small business marketing consultant without experience?”

With the right tools, resources and guidance, the answer is a resounding “YES!”

A consultant is paid by the results he brings to a client. This means that you don’t have to be an expert in Internet marketing to be a consultant, but you do need to know a few basic terms and techniques to get things done.

Here are some of the services you can provide which don’t require any prior experience:

Website creation

Formerly an area dominated by computer programmers and designers, website creation can be anybody’s forte these days. You can learn how to create simple web pages from tutorials that come with web developing software, experiment with blog creation applications online or take the express approach by passing on the task to a freelance web designer.

Search engine optimization (SEO)

SEO may not be an exact science but Internet marketing experts who have been testing their systems for a few years can teach you how to improve your client’s search rankings. You can sign up for a quick course in SEO, read up on it online, get a mentor or join forums where people discuss techniques and share tips.

Article writing

Perhaps the easiest way to generate cash flow is to provide articles or web content for clients. All you need is a good command of the English language to start writing for a wide market that includes those with existing websites and businesses that are about to go online. Writing is also a source of recurring income as websites need fresh content regularly. You can learn how to leverage this skill from seasoned web content providers as well.

Online marketing

Business owners tend to focus on operations and have little or no knowledge when it comes to Internet marketing. Whatever minor exposure you may have in Internet marketing puts you at a slight advantage which you could develop further by following proven techniques, learning systems or getting expert advice.

Other services that an small business marketing consultant can provide include setting up social media marketing, copywriting, and even Internet business coaching. Your next step after planning your consulting business is to take action immediately. Experience is built over time and with activity. Plunging right in the business is the best way to gain experience while getting paid for it.

Consultants – How to Become a Consultant

Do you want to become a wedding, travel, marketing, or business consultant? Then, this article is for you. Here’s what you need to do to jumpstart a career in consulting:

1. Educational background. Although some fields of consulting do not require a bachelor degree like wedding and travel consulting, there are those that require a college diploma. Make sure that you have the required educational background before you sink your teeth into this field.

2. Be an expert. Obviously, you need to be an expert to become a consultant. You need to know the ins and outs of the field that you are targeting so you can offer your clients with expert advice. Aside from attending proper schooling, it will also help if you take advantage of relevant trainings and seminars, read online and offline resources, and if you work closely with other experts that can help you boost your knowledge.

3. Communication skills. If you are struggling to articulate your thoughts or if you simply can’t get your grammar right, consulting is really not the perfect job for you. You see, you will constantly communicate with your clients as you need to share with them your knowledge and expertise and this will not happen if your simply don’t know what to say or how to say it. However, there is no need to fret. Communication skill, just like any other skills, is something that you can learn and master overtime. Attend relevant trainings and practice on a regular basis and I am pretty sure that it won’t take long until you become a great communicator.

Debt Consultants of America – Should You Become a Client of Debt Consultants of America?

Debt Consultants of America (DCOA) seemed to just pop on the scene and become somewhat of a major player in the debt settlement industry. They have a professional looking website and regularly run advertisements in the Texas region where their offices are located. But irate clients are starting to post complaints about this company on various consumer advocate websites. We decided to look at why. This will help you answer the question, “Should I Become a Client of Debt Consultants of America?”

DO NOT skip over this step or take this warning lightly; read over the Debt Consultants of America’s contract from top to bottom, line upon line. DO NOT lightly glance over one single solitary line or paragraph. After you read the entire contract, get two other people to read it; if at all possible, one of those persons should be an attorney.

Why do we strongly suggest this step? People who signed that contract and later cancelled essentially stated in their opinion that it contained a full page of client obligations and rights that serve only to benefit DCOA. Here are some basic components of that contract…

#1) Apparently No Creditor Gets Paid Until Debt Consultants of America Gets all their money – People who sign up for debt settlement programs administered by third party companies don’t realize that this is a standard policy. Once you sign up for most of these programs and start making payments, the assumption is – the debt settlement company starts paying your creditors. NOT SO! They don’t start paying your creditors until you have paid their administrative processing fee in full. That’s why you hear of horror stories of people getting sued by creditors while they are signed up with certain debt settlement companies.

Be advised, VERY FEW if any of these companies will make any payment to creditors until their initial administrative start up fees are paid in full. That means, although you are making payments to the debt settlement company, NONE of those payments are going to ANY of your creditors. It also means you are getting further behind and additional penalties and fees are being tacked on.

#2) Debt Consultants of America Charges a $299.00 Cancellation Fee – BE ADVISED: after you sign up as a client and later decide this was a bad mistake, you MUST pay them $299.00 to cancel your contract. Once you become a client, you have to pay your way out of the contract. Even if the company doesn’t deliver as promised and even if you are not satisfied with their service, you are still going to pay that FEE.

Although the cancellation fee information is evidently placed somewhere on their contract, past clients are saying they weren’t aware of the fee until they decided they wanted out. If you don’t have money to burn, don’t sign that contract. If can’t afford to lose three hundred dollars, don’t sign that contract. If the thought of paying $300.00 to cancel a service you decided you were displeased with ruffles your feathers, don’t sign that contract.

#3) If You Have OK or Good Credit Then You May Want To Find Another Option! – If you have OK or good credit, it’s probably best to find another option other than Debt Consultants of America. Some consumers are great financial planners and when they see trouble on the horizon, they take preemptive measures to insure that their financial outlook won’t be terribly impacted by such things as a downsizing or a layoff. They might move to consolidate their debts or push their creditors for debt settlement.

This way they don’t have to go through the pain of facing late payments or watch their credit score drop dramatically. Some choose the (DIY) Do It Yourself Debt Management, while others choose to have a third party debt settlement company to handle their issue. If they end up becoming clients with companies like Debt Consultants of America, there is a huge problem.

The problem being this; their debt settlement systems are set up to negotiate with creditors only after a person is behind on their payments. So why would these companies sign contracts with clients who have good credit and who are not behind on their payments knowing their system is for people who are behind on their payments? Especially since the client would have to pay a cancellation fee?

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out. Remember the initial question, Should You Become a Client of Debt Consultants of America?” To help you make an informed decision, we’ve provided you with the basics on what to expect. Ultimately, the decision is yours, but at least you won’t go into this type of contract not knowing the reality of what you are signing for.